The Dark-Side of Demand

The car stolen most in 2005 was BMW’s 2001 M Roadster, according to CCC Information Services which tracks automotive claims. One out of every 200 registered Roadsters were pinched. BMW’s M division creates high-octane versions of their standard car models for automotive enthusiasts. It seems they’ve succeeded in creating demand for these superior models.

But BMW’s M is not the only latest technological pièce de résistance to receive ill-fated attention.

Here in New York, there have been warnings about wearing Apple’s iPod headphones on the subway. Why? Because subway theft has risen and its all being blamed on the iPod. Call it the dark-side of popularity — when you build demand for your product, this demand will not be ignored by those who seek profit by nefarious means.

What can BMW do about the Roadster’s theft? What can any company do about such popularity?