Water for Women

If someone were to give you a bottle of water that appeared to have an hour-glass frame and then proceeded to tell you that in drinking said water:

  1. you will be provided with all of the calcium and magnesium that you needed for that day, and
  2. you will have a healthier body and be in better shape…

would you believe them? Well I didn’t either, but that seems to be the pitch behind Contrex Natural Mineral Water, another sponsor at BlogHer ’06.

Contrex is reported to contain 486 mg/L of calcium and 84 mg/L of magnesium, which equals 11.5% of the RDI for calcium and 5% of the RDI for magnesium — and with no calories. True or not, the entire marketing strategy comes off a little hokey (from the bottle design to the overall focus on body shape) feeding into many women’s insecurities with their body weight and shape.