Sky Ride

As one of the sponsors of BlogHer ’06, the conference I wrote about on Friday, GM embarked upon a little one-on-one marketing. Instead of forcing conference attendees to sit through some intolerable PR session about future vehicles from Saturn, the company offered conference goers the opportunity to learn about them first hand by handing over the keys to the rides. For instance, I chose to test drive a silvery two-seater convertible named Saturn SKY.

The introduction of this vehicle doesn’t necessarily signal Saturn’s foray into the luxury convertible market, in fact it’s the automakers affordable competitive sports car with a base price of $23, 690. I don’t know about its affordability though, as it definitely felt more upscale and luxurious to me.

Both the interior and exterior of the roadster were breathtaking. Styled in the fashion of European sports vehicles, the SKY features a soft convertible top that folds neatly into the rear compartment and a smooth leather interior with low-to-the ground cockpit seats. While the steering wheel felt like butter that could melt in my hands, I was a little unsatisfied with the inability to raise the seat off the ground.

Unfortunately I can not attest to the car’s performance, as the test drive route wasn’t much more than a mile. Though I do presume that its 4-cylinder engine makes it more of a sporty car, than a true sports car. Not that I care — I had a really good ride, and I suppose that was GM’s intention.LDJ