On the Same Page

Thanks to the fine folks at Consumating for turning me onto what might very well be the most useful Post-It-like notepads ever.

Fred Flare’s Punctuation Pagemarks will help you annotate the newest book on your reading list without marking it up for the next person on the routing list.

Coming complete with five iconic punctuation marks — and 50 to a pad — the notepads sport such traditional margin markers as question marks, exclamation marks, asterisks, and question marks. You can stick them to a page while you read actively — and then remove them while you digest your ideas and references… and before passing the text onto your colleague or partner in crime.

(Rest assured, FC Now readers: This is not a paid advertisement or promotional post. It’s merely a tool I learned about this afternoon — and which I just ordered for my own use, cash card in hand. You might find it useful, too!)