CEO… See Ya!

Liberum Research has been tracking C-level leadership changes since late 2004. And even though May claims the highest number of C-level changes — including boards of directors and CFO’s — the overall turnover trend seems to be slowing, according to their most recent report.

So far in June, the top three industries experiencing top-level turnover are banking, drugs and biotech, and business services. And the reasons people leave?

  • 46% or 672 were new hires from outside the firm
  • 21% or 312 were promoted within the firm
  • 20% or 291 were internal moves
  • 12% or 175 resigned or retired from the firm
  • 1% or 20 left firms without clear explanation
  • 0% or 1 was terminated

I feel sorry for the one person who didn’t have the savvy to say see ya before the firm found its footing and fired them.