Larry Weber Answers Ten Questions About Marketing

At the 2006 Corante Innovative Marketing conference, Lois Kelly just interviewed Larry Weber of the W2 Group, and closed her interview with the same “10 Questions” used on Inside The Actor’s Studio.


1. What’s your favorite marketing word: “engagement”

2. What’s your least favorite marketing word: “advertisement”

3. What turns you on creatively, emotionally and spiritually about marketing: “Take spirituality out, I still haven’t found what I’m looking for (me and Bono)…what I like about marketing is that this is one of the last business processes that is going though radical change. It’s exciting and great not knowing where things are going.”

4. What turns you off about marketing: “CEOs that don’t engage marketing as one of the most critical things in their portfoilio of responsibility….I find that insulting.”

5. What’s your favorite curse word when you see bad marketing? “That sucks.”

6. What’s the sound or noise that marketers make that you love? “I’m not gonna say….[I read that] people in marketing love porn sites….enough said.”

7. What’s the sound or noise that marketers make that you hate? “Overanalytic sounds….theh sounds of chart after chart on how we’re gonna drill down in this data.”

8. What profession should marketers become better at, to be better at marketing? “Catholic priest…no, just kidding…..I would say goumet cook, you have to please people in an emotional way, an environmental way, come up with good recipes.” (there was more there that I missed, but you get the gist)

9. What profession should marketers never try? “Law.”

10. If heaven exists, what would God say when a marketer arrives at the pearly gates” ” ‘Probably you’re at the wrong gate.’ “

How would *you* answer these questions?!