More Goodies from Larry Weber

More quotes, paraphrased:

The first line of offense in the future marketing department: a 24-hour picture of the conversation landscape.

Creativity will raise its head ‘big time’ in the next three years. ‘Campaigns, content and delivery’ are the next wave of getting one’s marketing message out. Creativity’s going to be about creating webisodes and podcasts that are funny, amusing and can be shared.

Johnson & Johnson has done a great job with, being transaprent in saying we sponsor it but have no control over the content… Sponsorship will be big, i.e. “Brought to you by…” I think the smart companies will follow the lead of PBS and NPR model.

The Fortune company I joined had only two C-level titles but by the time I left they were introducing another C-level job – COO. Then I moved to Boston and started encountering all these information system managers. And then CTO’s came into being. And then next was CIO’s. The fastest growing title these days: CMO – I’m convinced that whenever a category of business gets screwed up we create a C title and let that person deal with it [laughter].

Tells a funny story about a history teacher who was French who reprimanded them for missing a transitional chapter in history, saying ‘we did not go to sleep in the Renaissance and wake up in the Baroque.’ I think that’s where we are now – we’re having our own Rococo now. We’re in the middle of transition and it’ll take time for things to settle down. We need people who can bridge the old and new.