Blogging live from the Corante Marketing Innovation Conference, which is being held in conjunction with Columbia University Business School’s Center on Global Brand Leadership, where we’ve been discussing Co-Creation. In our breakout discussion group led by John Winsor we have co-created this blog entry to summarise our discussion. Our conversation covered a range of different issues and dimensions including:

– The concept of holistic co-creation
– Opensource and Linux as the original cocreation model
– Using “jams” (internally and externally) to drive cocreation – and ensuring these are focused on positive issues
– Realizing that while cocreation is mostly thought of as creation with customers, many businesses often have untapped opportunities to cocreate internally
– Continuing the theme of expanding the participation of cocreation, opportunity exists to work with business partners and providers of complementary products and services to build a cocreation network
– the importance of nurturing community – taking baby steps and not getting frustrated early on, being willing to “fail fast and move on” and having a thick skin
– considering the consequences of not co-creating – i.e. your customers will cocreate with your competitors (and your employees may move to businesses that enable them to cocreate with customers)
– by developing the community over time you will learn what what customers truly value and can align your pricing to those values (rather than your internal cost structure).

Feel free to co-create with us by adding your ideas and comments about the success factors for co-creation