Hybrids’ Heyday

From Fast Company contributor Greg Spotts:

Last week, car makers announced May 2006 sales. Buried in the data was an intriguing development that most news reports missed: The Toyota line of “Hybrid Synergy Drive” vehicles is now one of the best selling automobile brands in the United States.

Toyota has four hybrid models with significant sales, i.e. monthly sales over 2000 units: the Prius and Camry sedans, and Highlander and RX400h SUV’s. Together, these four models sold nearly 17,000 units in May, more than the total monthly sales of some very well-known brands:

May 2006 Sales, (All Models, Unless Otherwise Noted)
Toyota hybrids 16,896
Subaru 16,406
VW 16,297
Acura 16,171
Saturn 15,345
Mitsubishi 11,821
Volvo 11,610
Suzuki 10,135
Volvo 10,124
Audi 7,120
Land Rover 3,981
Porsche 3,272
Saab 3,030
Jaguar 2,374