Unique Success

What are the top five Web domains? According to the Washington Post, Yahoo, Google, MSN, AOL, and eBay have the most unique visitors, based on February 2006 figures. Those five names are not exactly surprising, but out of the five, only Google saw substantial growth from February 2005 — 21%.

Even more surprising are the four sites in the top 50 that had triple digit growth in unique visitors between February ’05 and ’06. grew 528%, rising from a relatively modest 2.5 million users to 15.5 million. Clearly the popularity of blogging is on the rise. MySpace had 318% growth, as social networking continued to spread. Wikipedia had 275% growth, as news involving the open-source encyclopedia increased awareness of the Website. Perhaps most surprisingly, the fourth large domain that had triple-digit growth was Citysearch, where unique visitors jumped 185%.

Check out the Post’s list and see what surprises you.