Support Teamwork

While it was nice to see Jonathan Schwartz’s blog entry sharing his appreciation for outgoing Sun chief Scott McNealy earlier this week, it was even nicer to see the first-person piece by Tom Hanks in the New York Times Styles section.

In the essay, Hanks celebrates his long-time makeup man, Dan Striepeke. And the article is notable for several reasons:

  • It’s awesome to see someone who’s so high profile thank a member of their support staff so publicly
  • Hanks’ comments on the importance of developing a posse — not an entourage — that follows you from project to project
  • If you can, choose to work with only the best
  • It’s OK to make fun of flop projects

Who consistently helps you succeed? When was the last time you thanked them?

(For the record, I liked “That Thing You Do.”)