Work Space

I adore alternative work spaces. And while they don’t always succeed, they’re always worth trying. Eventually, someone will crack the code.

The newest entrant to hit my radar is the Work Factory in Richmond, Virginia. Equal parts shared office space, meeting venue, and networking organization, the Work Factory piggybacks on space already used by the publishers of a regional business magazine.

To accommodate those with a part-time need for office space and a full-time need to connect with other entrepreneurs, The Work Factory provides member businesses with a place to meet clients, state-of-the-art work stations that can be accessed from home computers around the clock, high-speed wireless internet access, and printer/copier amenities as well as an array of services ranging from technology support to accounting advice.

The model is similar to that of Gate 3, once based in northern California. There, the space also was adjacent to already rented and in-use office and work space. It’ll be interesting to see how the Work Factory improves on the model!

Have any Richmond-area Fast Company readers gone to the Work Factory? Share your stories here.