Sun Up

Jennifer’s right that the departure of McNealy from Sun comes at a time when the company sorely needs reinvention and redirection. It’s been interesting to read the coverage of his changing roles at Sun. Some articles are relatively dark and dire, focusing on Sun’s stock performance, missteps, and so on.

And some are understandably hopeful, almost, well, sunny. I think that it is absolutely awesome that McNealy is being succeeded by Jonathan Schwartz. Schwartz is equal parts public face for the company, informed evangelist for its technology, and everyday role model for its employees. I don’t think Sun’s powers that be could have picked a better successor.

Besides, in his blog today, Schwartz shares some insights on his work relationship with McNealy, passion for the company, and appreciation for McNealy’s work as a leader.

When you move on, what will people say about you? I’ve never seen such a strong endorsement — approaching love letter status — for a leader at a company like Sun before. And that says something.