A Creative Read

It’s not often that I’m able to read a business book on my evening commute. I don’t mean just read — I read on the subway all the time. I mean that it’s not often that I’m able to read an entire book on my evening commute.

Tonight I did.

That book? Paul Arden’s Whatever You Think, Think the Opposite. The book, written by the former executive creative director at Saatchi & Saatchi, is a breezy read, granted. But it’s worth checking out.

Like many inspirational business texts, the book is heavy on sloganeering and light on depth (to mix a metaphor) — but it still offers plenty of food for thought. If you’re stuck in a rut (more on that later), consider closing your eyes, cracking the spine, and pointing at a random page — or (gasp) read it cover to cover.

While a quick, somewhat shallow read — if you don’t consider the thoughts, introspection, and ideas the book might trigger — the book’s primary charm lies in its design. Chock full of stock photos and high-impact graphic design — as well as two-color printing — the book reminds me of an issue of Colors magazine — or Keith Yamashita‘s excellent book Unstuck (which, while also finely designed, had more substance to it).

What was the last business book you read in one sitting?HR