Advice from Autodesk

Also in today’s Journal, a conversation with Carol Bartz, (Online subscription required.) who’s been CEO of Autodesk for 14 years. 14 years! Her insights read like classic Fast Company stuff:

  • Don’t rest on your honeymoon-period laurels.
  • Don’t typecast your employees, or hold a grudge.
  • Motivate others by believing in the company.
  • Change with the business landscape.
  • Invest in your business during downturns.
  • Gain knowledge outside your company.
  • Know when to step inside aside.

In these days of short executive tenures and scarcity of women at the top, it’s nice to see a woman holding the helm for 14 years. And the advice is solid. What think you?

Update: Last list item changed thanks to the eagle eyes of Nilofer Merchant.