Israel’s Beef with McDonald’s

McDonald’s has changed its logo at certain locations in Israel. The redesign, described as “the most radical departure yet from McDonald’s standard logo,” comes as the result of rabbinical concerns that customers might confuse kosher and non-kosher McD’s. Authorities feared that religious customers might walk into a McD’s and accidentally get an unkosher burger, I guess.

The company assuaged those concerns by changing its highly recognizable mustard- and ketchup-colored signs at two of its kosher stores to blue and white (the color of the Israeli flag), with plans to make over 10 other locations as well. The signs, written in Hebrew, also say, “kosher.”

It’s not the first time McDonald’s has altered its logo to gain entry to an exclusive location. In New York, The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, considered a historical landmark, houses a McDonald’s labeled in gunmetal gray.

Is this a show of good faith to the chain’s more sensitive customers or a mistake in branding 101?