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Fighting for Winter

Global warming still has its doubters, but the heat is a very real problem in the winter sports industry. Skiing on dirt and snowboarding on rocks: not fun, not profitable. States that rely on winter wonderlands for employment, revenue, and tourism are already starting to get socked. So the industry is fighting back in its own way. Environmental groups are also jumping in, trying the sports angle with a campaign to save outdoor hockey. It's going to take more than a handful of athletes and some letter-writing to effect serious change, though. Plenty of people in colder climes are actually excited about milder winter weather (myself not included). Officials in Turin couldn't even figure out a way to dim the Olympic flame to mark the Kyoto Protocol's first anniversary. It's going to take the equivalent of a dozen Live 8s to even start to save winter and the businesses that rely on it. Selfishly, I hope that it turns around soon. The snowshoes keep getting dusty.