When Children Outshine the Parents

Speaking of sports, let’s turn our attention to the Kentucky Derby.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Yum Brands — parent company of the better-known KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell enterprises — has hitched its star to the Kentucky Derby wagon. (Online subscription required.)

Makes sense. Or does it?

It’s an interesting gamble. People may not know what Yum Brands is… and this could help educate them — in terms of their understanding that Yum Brands embraces the other brands. But at the same time, who cares?

Does the man on the street resonate more with Taco Bell or Long John Silver’s than… well, Yum? Might that not be a more solid branding opportunity? Sure, they’re related, but I still wonder. Does the woman on Wall Street follow horse racing closely enough to consider placing a bet on Yum?