A Rare Branding Opportunity

Yesterday’s New York Times snuck a sensible business story into the sports section of all places. Considering the rare opportunity afforded by this year’s Super Bowl numerals — XL — John Branch tapped several branding and marketing thinkers to consider the licensing and business possibilities.

In sports events, this is like Halley’s Comet. Rare, but predictable. And well worth checking out. Super Bowl XL opens up so many opportunities: Extra Large, Excellent, striving to excel, and so forth. Branch touched base with the editor of Brandweek, a marketing prof at the University of Michigan’s B-school, and folks selling Super Bowl-related merchandise.

Fun stuff. If only they could have had as much fun 10 years ago, when Super Bowl XXX came to town. And 10 years from now? A diminuitive L. Super Bowl XL is worth banking on. Who plans to tune in Sunday?