In a Lather Over Advertising

Have you seen this television ad? A team of government agents discover a UFO in the desert. Inside are technological wonders previously unseen. A trailer for a new film perhaps? Actually, it is an advertisement for Gillete’s new razor, the Fusion. While the TV spot has a movie trailer aesthetic and a release date of February 5, it doesn’t mention at all that the Fusion is a men’s shaving razor. When I told my wife what the trailer was teasing, she laughed at the incongruous relationship between the commercial and the product.

Do Hollywood production values and over-the-top visuals really help an advertising campaign? For a razor? I believe clever and well written advertisements perform better than action-packed bombardments. And this Gillette ad is the epitome of that, all flash and no substance. Then again, I am talking about it, aren’t I?

What do you think about the Fusion commercial? What makes an ad successful?