This Jingle Brought to You by Google

Google is expanding again. The company announced yesterday that it is acquiring yet another advertising company. Shocking. (Not really.) But what is surprising is that this acquisition, dMarc, is radio-based. It’s offline. Again, still not all that shocking: Google has been making strides into traditional advertising, with print advertising already being tested.

With all the momentum happening in online media, why would Google want to go into old media, where margins are low and often so is morale? Especially in the radio business, where the growth of portable music players and satellite radio have been eating away at the audience for traditional radio. Will Google make an impact on the diminishing radio industry?

Personally, I just don’t believe Google can make enough of a difference to sustain the incredible shrinking radio market. They must have bigger plans in the works, perhaps using dMarc’s resources on Internet radio and podcasts. In which case, traditional radio becomes merely a proving ground for their advertising model, before Google expands it to online venues.

Do you think Google wants to save radio advertising? Or are they looking to the future?