The Blackberry Diet

While thumbing through Crain’s Chicago Business on the El the other morning, I read about several local executives’ resolutions for 2006. There were the usual goals of exercising more (yep, that’s one of mine), playing more golf (oops, me again), and spending more time with family and friends (whoa, a trifecta). Then this: Beating a Crackberry addiction.

I can’t tell you how many times an interview subject has pulled out his or her Blackberry and casually begun answering email at the same time they were answering my questions. That’s the main reason I don’t carry one. I don’t want an anytime-anywhere email habit; clearly, it’ll get in the way of this year’s gym/golf/family-friend time. A local psychologist told Crain’s that she suggested developing better Blackberry discipline by attaching a note to the device that tells you when you can use it again. It’s like a note on the fridge that helps you count calories or avoid snacking.

Regardless how the ongoing patent dispute over Blackberry shakes out, devices with mobile email are here to stay, and more and more of us are going to struggle to give our thumbs a rest. What works for you?