A Hairy Experience

Ah, those wacky Metrosexuals! Not content to get facials and pedicures like the ladies, unhappily hirsute fellas now have a new frontier to exfoliate. And we’re not talking back hair here. How can we say this politely? Think of this region as the, uh, male equivalent of the bikini wax.

Naturally, the world’s premier personal care companies are eager to lend a hand, or blade, to render those fuzzy areas as sleek as Michael Jordan’s dome. Voila! Enter Philips’s new “Bodygroom” razor, made specifically for those oh-so-sensitive areas. Innovation never rests.

I first learned of this cutting edge product over lunch with Tribal DDB‘s CEO Matt Freeman (whose shop was just named Interactive Agency of the Year by Ad Week). Marketing the product was, he told me, sotto voce, a particularly tricky creative challenge. But he was proud of Tribal London’s breakthrough solution: fruit. Furry fruit. Namely, kiwis.

He swore me to secrecy — a vow I would have gone to jail to uphold – but then sent me a link to what he called “the most impressive piece of flash work Tribal has ever done!” I took that as waiver releasing me from my pledge of confidentiality. I share it with you now, strictly as an example of what an award-winning agency can accomplish with teamwork and heart. (Once you get beyond the pursuit of the kiwis, click on “Where to Shave,” then click on over to “Groin area” to learn of some amazing product benefits.) Here’s hoping this won’t earn you a reprimand from your HR department, or make me a criminal accomplice if the FCC comes calling.