Spam a Lot Less, but Worse

America Online has released its list of top spam for 2005. Surprisingly, a message mentioning Donald Trump was the worst offender. Other spam subjects include the iPod nano, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. Another tactic, besides employing recognizable names, is camouflaging the spam as legitimate with subjects like, “I sent you the wrong site” and “Thank you for your business.” The days of obvious porn referrals are gone.

AOL says that the amount of spam has decreased in the last two years. Really? Sure doesn’t seem like it. Increasingly, I get messages about foreign investment, prescription drugs, and winning free electronics. My biggest annoyance? Messages that are from “Andrew”, whom I assume is my actual friend, that turn out to be spam. This has happened on several occasions, as if the spammers know the names of some of the people I email. It does seem like the spammers have gotten more devious.

Do you think Spam has gotten worse? What is the worst spam that popped into your inbox?