Rest High Above the Clouds, No Restrictions

The New York Times had an article (free registration required) this weekend about satellite radio coming under fire from the music industry. Both XM and Sirius are offering players that let you record off their channels, not unlike a DVR and television. Though the companies do not allow the saved music to be transferred to a computer, some industry executives are apparently complaining.

I wonder when the RIAA and the music industry are going to learn. Most agree they dropped the ball by badly handling the emergence of the MP3 years ago. Now they are going to attack people that are paying for music via satellite? Not long ago people recorded radio with cassette tapes. And people lent tapes out or made copies for friends. Well, with this satellite model, though the quality of the recording has become better, you can’t even share with friends.

The television industry learned from the music biz’s failures of yester-year. Now people are recording shows on DVRs, downloading episodes on iTunes, or watching them on demand. Despite the success of MP3 players and commercial download sites, it seems the music industry hasn’t learned anything.

How should the RIAA and music industry be reacting?