Yellow Cabs Get Green

Ford has rolled out its first batch of hybrid taxis in New York City. Six of the Escape Hybrids have hit the streets, with more eventually coming to replace the traditional Crown Victoria. Of course, the paint job will remain bright yellow.

These hybrids have twice the fuel efficiency as the Crown Vics, so the drivers will save on gas money. In fact, while the cars are more expensive, the money saved on fuel could cover that higher initial cost in less than a year, Ford says. And the new taxis spew out less pollution, so the public benefits as well. New York City’s image should improve too. Everyone wins.

Then why are there only six hybrids on the road so far? How long will it be before all the city’s fleets–all 13,000 cabs–are hybrids? And once that is done, what about other cities in America?