Mac Closing Windows?

Wall Street analyst Charles Wolf of Needham & Co. has gotten Apple enthusiasts talking with a recent report suggesting that 1 million Windows users switched to Macs in the last year. The analyst points to the success of iPod as the driving factor. Others have suggested that Windows’ poor security and its susceptibility to viruses and spyware are responsible for all of the switching.

Both reasons clearly contributed, but I believe two overlooked factors behind the migration — whatever its size — are the innovations in the Tiger OS and the advancing age of Windows. With their steady stream of operating system upgrades, Macs have gotten more attention from computer enthusiasts. With Spotlight, Dashboard widgets, and even the latest tweaks, Macs have been improving to meet users’ needs. Windows, on the other hand, has not seen significant improvement for three years. Furthermore, the Windows upgrade on the horizon, Vista, seems to a lot of users to be copying a slew of Mac upgrades.

If Windows Vista does not significantly improve the PC experience, and many reports indicate that the most impressive features have been taken out over the last few years of development, then this conversion to Macs will probably continue.