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Check this out: With Millennials/Gen-Y entering the workplace, managers are starting to feel the effects of over-involved Boomer parents. Like, say, after Johnny gets a not-so-glowing performance review, Johnny's mom calls his boss: "The best way to motivate Johnny is not through negative feedback!" reprimands Mom. That isn't going to fly in this company, you might say, but guess what, this is your new workforce (born between '79-2000). So you're going to have to learn deal with it.

This is a generation has has been advocated for since their moment of birth, has had no line drawn between parents and kids, and has no fear about questioning anything or anyone. What kinds of shocking behavior have you seen from this new crop of talent (or their parents)? Has your company — or have you heard of companies that have — found a creative way to deal with it? Or is restructuring their organization to harnass some of the positive qualities (collaboration, etc.)?