Blogging Hurricane Relief

The devastation Hurricane Katrina has wrought has been overwhelming and difficult to process. I’m sure many of you out there feel powerless to do anything to help.

Kudos then to Strengthen the Good for its efforts to harness the passion of the blogosphere and its many devoted readers to do something positive to ameliorate the suffering and destruction of the hurricane’s wake. As Alan posted:

Matching programs are wonderful because of their obvious multiplier effect. And in the absence of a general matching fund for Katrina where any citizen can contribute, I’ve decided to create one of my own: Matching the Good, where bloggers act as their own matching fund for victims of the disaster.

Here’s what I suggest: Bloggers, rather than just making a donation to their charity of choice, challenge their readers to match the level of the donation by Midnight of next Monday (that allows five days for donations).

I’ll go first: Strengthen The Good will make a matching donation to the Red Cross 2005 Hurricane relief fund up to a total of $1,000.

I don’t know what we here at FC Now can do to join this effort; I’ll look into that after hitting save here. But I didn’t want to wait in encouraging our readers to enlist their own blogs or authors of their favorites to join this effort.