Can You Spare Some Change?

Looks like Amazon’s changing its book business model from just being a seller to also being a publisher — the company will be publishing short stories as e-books for 49 cents. As an unpublished writer of fiction, it immediately drew my interest. Then I read Amazon would mostly deal with established writers. What about the many authors who haven’t been adopted into the industry yet?

I think businesses should be open to unexpected opportunities. Sometimes it’s the outsider’s perspective that could lead to great insight. A company’s culture and routine may blind it to betters way to achieve success. Or even worse, management could be blind to the holes they’ve dug themselves into unless someone a step removed points that fact out to them. And while consultants can provide this service, it usually takes a new face with lofty goals to really change things.

What do you think about freelancers and unorthodox talent?