Why We Hate Talking About HR?

The current cover story — Why We Hate HR — has sparked an interesting discussion about the piece — and the practice. Some people in the profession don’t want to talk about it. Others do — and they don’t like it. (Full disclosure: George Lenard used to contribute to Fast Company‘s Hiring Center.)

What’s not to like? Isn’t that what this conversation should be about? It’s interesting how topics like this tend to polarize people — people working in the industry, as well as those outside. (Some designers didn’t really like our jokey How to Look Like a Designer, either. That piece was certainly less serious than the HR feature.)

What’s even more intriguing, however, is the gap between HR practitioners and the people they work with. Many people’s workaday experience with HR is less than stellar — and I agree with Keith’s contention that HR is a function with a lot of unfulfilled promise and potential.

So why refuse to talk about it?