Delivering the Profits

I’ve been thinking about Heath’s previous blog entry about MaxDelivery. It’s tough reviving a business concept that has already failed and failed spectacularly. But former employee Chris Siragusa has resuscitated the one-hour internet delivery model. His new company MaxDelivery offers one hour delivery below 24th street in Manhattan.

It’s an idea we can all get behind — getting groceries and non-food items delivered all within an hour. Diapers, ice cream and now even DVDs can be delivered by a bicycle messenger. We don’t even have to leave our front doors. Reviving an idea with all the hindsight that the dot com era has brought us reduces some of the perils associated with starting a business. But I wonder if it doesn’t cause some shortsightedness too.

Manhattan has a deli or bodega on every corner and many of them carry more than just food. Why not just run down to the corner and get something you really need and not wait the whole hour? There are already several successful delivery businesses like and that offer next day delivery so why are we so enthralled by the idea of getting non-food items in an hour? Large companies like Barnes and Noble have tried same day delivery service in Manhattan with success. But they have limited that service to the city because its just too costly. Surviving the pitfalls this time around means offering more than just swift service.