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Needing the New

It is a strange piece of news, the creation of a new periodic table of elements. It is something so mundane, something we all know from our school days. Various message boards are already aflame with those who hate the new table. Others have shot back criticizing those who dislike it because they are not used to it, that people usually prefer things they grew up with.

While I do think we all have the tendency to idolize stuff from our youth, I disagree about the new table. It is not better than the original. It's all flash and no substance. The new thing is not always better. Our culture's fetish for the latest anything can lead to some bad decisions. People blindly flock to the new strategy, the coolest gadget, the most advanced software, and often don't realize that they originally had was working wonderfully.

I think the better strategy is to wait and see. Get others' views on a new market, or latest machine. Be critical and really examine if there are benefits to it. Save your money until you are positive that moving ahead is beneficial and not just an empty instance of follow-the-leader. Then again, sometimes it pays off to take the risk and be first in front. How do you all feel? Does it pay to make the jump, or is it smarter to stick with what you know?