Intern BlogOff: Firing Employees for Disparagement (Con)

Here in America, we have freedom of speech. But, how free are we really? Reading about Edward Polstein, it is clear a person isn’t allowed to say what they want. Some would say that a company has the right to fire employees that disparage the company. What happened to employee responsibility and whistle-blowing?

When a company’s actions become unethical, or even illegal, the employees should stand up and let it be known. Even if someone is practicing the right to criticize an employee policy, like health care, it should be protected. These workers are providing a good, shedding light on something that needs to be corrected.

Nor should it matter how public the comments are. Whether they are talking to their spouse, or talking at a conference, they should be protected. It shouldn’t matter if the opinion is on a note to a co-worker or on a blog. It is wrong to fire someone because they voiced an opinion. And doubly wrong if the opinion wasn’t even about the company. Businesses should embrace their workers opinions and utilize them to improve the company.

How do you feel about this? Should you be fired for criticizing a new boss, or something similar?