Being Number One

On his journal, Neil Gaiman spoke about being Neil Number One. I went to Google and put in my name Kevin. I wasn’t in the first hundred. But, when I put my last name I was surprised to find that I was Ohannessian Number One.

It’s a strange thing, to be a small-time intern and number one in something. In this age of internet and Google dominance, it gave me a sense of pride. Alas, I don’t think being Ohannessian Number One is bringing any sizeable traffic to my website or fiction.

The rise of search engines and contextual advertising is bringing creators, of all mediums, in touch with the purchasing public more easily. Companies are realizing that to really shine they need to be Soap Number One or Clothing Store Number One. A score card should emerge, how a company places compared to competitors on Google or Yahoo searches. What do you all think?