Vacation Situation

The Spring 2005 edition of Fidelity Investments Stages newsletter highlights an interesting survey conducted by OfficeTeam, a temp staff service. The poll, which explored mistakes people make when taking a vacation from work, bubbled up some common challenges:

  • 43% felt they didn’t take enough time off
  • 17% expressed that they couldn’t relax or get their mind off work
  • 8% said they checked in with the office too much
  • 7% didn’t prepare or organize their work before leaving

Diane Domeyer, the company’s executive director, offers the following advice:

  • Use history as your guide Base upcoming vacation strategies on past experiences. Did you return with new vigor?
  • Resist the urge to check in Let colleagues know you’ll be gone. Then don’t contact the office.
  • Plan your reentry Don’t schedule too many meetings the first day you’re back. Catch up on email, get updated on projects, and then jump in.
  • Seize the day Don’t wait until your worn out before you take a vacation. Regular breaks can keep you going year ’round.

Do you have any vacation strategies? How do you prepare to leave? How do you return without getting overwhelmed?