Don’t Eat the Donut?

Last Thursday I was on Court Street in Brooklyn. I stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts for a snack. I was shocked to see the price of a doughnut was now 75 cents. Then yesterday, my wife and I stopped at a Dunkin’ Donuts for a drink, this time on Brighton Beach Avenue. The cost of a Boston creme? This time it was 83 cents.

Five years ago some Dunkin’ Donuts were charging 55 cents and others were charging 60 cents per doughnut. Rising prices are expected in their war against Starbucks. I am just curious why there’s such a disparity. Dunkin’ is a franchise. Do owners set the price point? Does the company have a policy of charging different amounts in different locations? Both stores were in Brooklyn; I wonder how expensive it’ll be here in Manhattan.

If the owner sets the price, should a franchise be allowed to have such leeway? Do you think it is fair to charge more in certain areas? How much is a Dunkin’ doughnut near you?