Free to Be… Not on TV

Following its fizzle and failure as a live music concert broadcast on the WB, “Pepsi Smash” will find new life as a Web cast on Yahoo, reports the New York Times. Even though the eight-episode program attracted 1.3 million viewers, producers hope it will find an even larger audience online — and Yahoo is crossing its corporate fingers that the online video segments and performance streams will increase interest in its online music offerings.

It’s an interesting approach. Rather than use traditional media and try to embed e-commerce opportunities — a la buy Phoebe’s hair shirt now! — companies are starting to bring original broadcast-style content to their e-commerce offerings. Cases in point: iTunes introduction of music videos, Amazon’s incorporation of short films, and now… Yahoo.

Are stores and retail locations the next epicenters for entertainment? Movie theaters are already located in shopping malls. What are some possible scenarios for other forms of entertainment?