PR Smackdown (III)

Welcome to Round 3 of PR Smackdown, wherein we present three pitches that have landed recently here at FC World Headquarters–and ask you, our devoted readers, to pick the best one (and explain why). You can catch up on the first two Smackdowns here and here.

Without further pomp, let’s meet this week’s contestants.

Pitch #!: Razorpoint Security Technologies. This comes via email, from a sender unfortunately addressed, “Intern [5wpr].” But we’re fond of interns here at FC, so we read on: “The Story: For years, crackers, (aka cyber criminals) have been snooping around corporate and university networks and individual’s PCs easily obtaining confidential information without the users’ knowledge…” “The hook: Security is an ongoing process, NOT just a product.” And after a while, we learn that Gary C. Morse, president and founder of Razorpoint, is available to comment on this phenomenon.

Pitch #2: Skyy Vodka. Definitely not from an intern. A white box, elegantly packed with a CD, slick brochure, and–yes!–a miniature of Skyy’s new Skyy 90. Much rejoicing, as always, among FC staffers. The brochure proclaims “the first modern luxury vodka with taste by design,” using “the world’s most advanced technology to deliver a higher standard of vodka.”

Pitch #3: Redwood Creek Wines of California, which announces its first-ever “Campfire Classic.” Through June 15, amateur cooking aficionados can enter “their unique campfire recipe paired with one of the rich and flavorful wines of Redwood Creek. Entries will be judged on the originality and creativity of the recipe, taste, advancement of the tradition of campfire cookery, presentation and the appropriateness of the wine pairing.” The company helpfully offers sample recipes for corn chowder, cedar plank salmon with wild blueberry salsa, and grilled fruit kabobs.

And the winner is?FCS