Remake Reality

When I saw ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ not too long ago, eight trailers preceded it. Four of those, exactly half, were for remakes. Some of those are nostalgic classics, ‘Herbie’ and ‘The Bad News Bears.’ Others have a cult following, ‘House of Wax,’ for instance. This morning I read about a new version of ‘The Wicker Man.’ The original is a perfect, creepy piece of film. Why bother remaking it?

As usual in this world, it comes down to money. Remakes pose less risk for the studios than an original product. The concept has already proven to be successful and a new iteration has a built-in audience because of fans of the first one. Most of the time businesses will go with the sure thing, the certain bit of profit, than be bold and create something new. Innovation is more of a risk, but has a potential for greatness. And we all could use less of the same and more of actual innovation.

How do you feel about remaking films? What about retreading business practices?