PR Smackdown (II)

Here’s round two of PR Smackdown, wherein we present three intriguing pitches that have landed recently here at FC World Headquarters–and you, loyal FC Now readers, pick the best one (and explain why). PR Smackdown debuted two weeks ago in this space.

Here are this week’s beauties:

Contestant #1: Bartles & Jaymes. Remember this? Two old guys sitting on a porch: “Thank you for your support.” So B&J is celebrating its 20th anniversary. The company sends a folder with several pretty standard releases inside. One details the results of a B&J-commissioned survey “to salute the brands that were loved in the 80s and are still influencing trends and pop culture today.” That would include Reebok, Jordache, Demi Moore–and, of course, Bartles & Jaymes, “the cooler recognized for pioneering the wine cooler category in the mid 1980s according to 58% of participants.”

Contestant #2: A simple postcard from Product Devlopment Technologies, a design firm. On the front is a pic of sprinters racing–and another of the optima grip staplers from Swingline. The tagline: “pure performance.” The flipside explains (in extremely small print) that PDT worked with Swingline to develop the stapler.

Contestant #3: It’s Virgin Airlines, which delivers a silver mylar envelope containing a slick “flight guide” jauntily describing each of its 16 U.S.-to-London flights. There are also nine mock boarding passes, actually tickets for a sweepstakes to win real boarding passes (Virgin placed the same passes inside several magazines recently.)

And the winner is?