NBC on the Hunt

Looking at various news sites, there are a number of companies buying other companies. We have UPS grabbing Overnite, Qwest continuing its pursuit of MCI, and NBC Universal seeking to acquire anyone affordable.

Out of all of these, NBC hunting for deals is what bothers me. Entertainment is a business to be sure, but when artistic work is reduced to money-earning, the art suffers. As companies are bought out or merge, there is less competition, less choice for consumers. With entertainment companies, there are less voices, less artists willing to create with their own beliefs, philosophies, and perspectives.

I know that Mr. Wright wants to help NBC Universal’s bottom-line by diversifying. But it may hurt the creative landscape. Will NBC buy more film companies, thus lowering the number of studios and the number of films made? Less films made means less masterpieces. Or will NBC pick up more television properties, potentially reducing the number of risk-taking, fringe shows?

What do you think about NBC’s hunter mentality?KO