Skip Lunch, Fight Hunger

When I arrived at work this morning, I had a brown paper bag at my desk that I’ve been instructed to put money into. No, there’s nothing untoward taking place here, just a great idea to give something back. Monday is Skip Lunch, Fight Hunger day. The idea is for us overfed office workers to forego lunch one day and take what we would’ve spent and donate it to City Harvest to help feed New York City children in need.

New York is a great place for this to happen, because lunch can get pretty darn expensive around here. A takeout sandwich, small bag of chips, a drink, and a piece of fruit at a deli is almost certain to exceed $10, and if you dare go to a “tablecloth” restaurant, you’re almost certainly looking at $25 a person minimum.

But this idea could be done anywhere, not just in places with outrageous prices. The Skip Lunch idea was hatched by the editor of Food & Wine Magazine, so you don’t have to be a social capitalist either to devise a program where you live to help people in need.

I’ll be stuffing the dollar equivalent of a froufrou lunch in this bag (maybe I’ll even pretend that I got a rice krispy treat (two dollars!) for dessert), and I hope all my colleagues and anyone reading this does the same. To learn more about the program and to donate, follow this link.