Rotten at Its Core?

I am surprised to find that no one blogged about Apple banning John Wiley books from their stores. It seems Steve Jobs is on the offensive, issuing lawsuits against Apple fanatics and pulling positive biographies off of store shelves.

What if Virgin Megastores stopped carrying Random House books because a bio on Branson examined his strategies? What if other retailers stopped carrying a publisher’s entire catalog because of one release? You might have to go to certain stores to get certain releases. Maybe Borders won’t carry Penguin. Or Barnes and Noble wouldn’t have HarperCollins books.

This ridiculous notion can affect other mediums: stores not carrying a distributor’s DVDs because of one documentary, or a boycott of software due to a founder’s political bent. Any retailer who does such a thing is putting their beliefs ahead of the bottom line. I would usually applaud such an action, but if the belief is that the CEO can do whatever he wants, then something is amiss. Maybe the public should boycott a store that commits such an act of censorship. What do you all think about this?