Of Blogs and Men

Mr. Hammond’s entry on blogs got me thinking. The blog phenomenon has grown large enough, and perhaps mainstream enough, to support different types of blog-readers. Some may prefer reading the personal lives of others, or the hobbies and thoughts of people that would otherwise be marginalized.

I read the blogs of several writers. Maybe they are not big movie stars or media darlings, but I disagree with Mr. Hammond’s point of view that such a celebrity site would be uninteresting. I frequent the pages of Neil Gaiman, Warren Ellis, and William Gibson, to name a few. I enjoy the glimpses into their creative minds and their daily lives. And I wouldn’t mind checking out the opinions of David Mamet and Larry David.

There are other journals I read for people’s suggestions on films or books; Mr. Blileck fits into that category. My own blog is to document my writing career. What kinds of blogs do you read? Why do you read them? And what kind of blog would you like to see?