Leading Ideas: Grow the People Around You

“Before you become a leader success is all about growing yourself. Once you become a leader success is all about growing others.”
— Jack Welch (1935- ) Former Chairman & CEO, General Electric

Something to consider:


Great leadership is characterized by the desire and ability to grow the people around you. A great leader shifts his/her focus from delivering great results to developing others who can deliver great results. This is the only way that success is scalable and sustainable.

In his new book on leadership entitled Winning, Jack Welch hammers this point home. He believes that the vast majority of a leader’s time should be devoted to 3 activities – evaluating, coaching, & building self-confidence in the those around him/her. “Too often, managers think that people development occurs once a year in performance reviews,” he writes, “That’s not even close. It should be a daily event integrated into your everyday goings-on.”

Something to try:

1. The next time a member of your team slips up, take advatage of the opportunity to coach them IN THE MOMENT. (The longer you put it off the less powerful the coaching will be).
2. Have them reflect on the situation and brainstorm other possible paths they could have taken.
3. Guide them to a new path.
4. Let them know you believe in them.
5. Hold them accountable for changing their behavior.

Question: How do you grow the people around you?