Tenacious Me

My brother Barry works with his friend Kevin Jordan, an indy film director. After months of sending submissions out, his film ‘Lobster Farm’ will be screened tomorrow at the Tribeca Film Festival (look for the giant balloon). Their tenacity finally paid off. The film deals with the troubles of a family business and may be of interest to many readers.

I’ve been submitting short stories to magazines for months, and have not gotten a single bite. Last year, I made the rounds with my first novel. I can show you the stack of rejection letters. While I haven’t gotten my success yet, I will continue my mailings. Writing an article for this website, I have pursued several phone interviews. Those people I haven’t spoken to yet shall receive phone calls every few hours until I do.

Tenacity is a necessary ingredient of success, in any profession or industry. You must be confident and determined. You must seek out your victories, your goals, your fortune. One can’t expect things to be dumped in their lap. And even when things look bleakest, and success impossible, you should still keep going. If you’re thinking of giving up, just take a deep breath, push the trouble out of your mind, and wait ’til tomorrow to continue. Be obsessive about it. You still may not achieve what you desire, but there is a chance you may strike gold.

Oh readers, I am sure you have more inspiring tales of tenacity paying off.KO