Golden Geese

Earlier this week, I was in Chicago for the first-ever M2W national conference on Marketing to Women, and I’m here to tell you, the secret’s out — marketers now know Freud (and Mel Gibson) were on to something: figure out what women want, and the world is your oyster. Best Buy has begun to figure it out, with their new female-friendly stores in California (and have seen their efforts repaid with a 9% revenue spike in Q4). Home Depot’s on the case. Financial services companies, health care companies, and even automotive manufacturers are finally coming around to the realization that women wield the lioness’s share of purchasing power in every household.

They’re even the prime purchasers in traditionally male categories: they make 53% of investment decisions, and buy 55% on consumer electronics, 60% of home improvement choices, 60% of new cars, and 66% of computers.

Want to know more about this market? EPM Communications is a great source of data, and the company’s publisher, Ira Mayer, who presented at the conference, is happy to send you a free copy of his newsletter to whet your appetite for more.

As Ali G says, all the little ladies want is a little respect.