Leading Ideas: Embrace the Lunatic Inside You

“You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.”
— Robin Williams (1952- ) U.S. Actor and Comedian

Something to consider:


Your best ideas are born from madness. You’ve got to let yourself think crazy thoughts and dream crazy dreams to find them. Never lose that ability. If you do you’ll find yourself hopelessly sane – which will drive you nuts. The next time someone tells you you’re crazy; thank them for the compliment. Breathe easier knowing that you haven’t lost your originality.

A great example of something created from a spark of madness is, Cirque de Soleil. It’s one of the firms covered in Blue Ocean Strategy – a new book about creating unknown opportunities in known places. The circus business was in a downward spiral when Cirque de Soleil opened its doors. No one was making good money and it was getting worse every year. For them to think they could get adults to pay big bucks for the circus was preposterous. But they changed the game and people did. And they created a multibillion dollar business in the process.

Something to try:

1. Hold a “crazy idea session” with some colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere.
2. Have each person finish the sentence, “wouldn’t if be great if we could…”
3. Capture the ideas on a whiteboard/flipchart.
4. Go around the room several times to let the ideas build on each other.
5. Pay attention to the themes that arise.

Question: How do you tap into your crazy ideas?