Cool Intentions?

Reading about Starbucks acquiring environment-friendly water producer Ethos this morning, I immediately felt a host of emotions. The first was disbelief: I can’t believe that this corporate behemoth is expanding again. Isn’t it enough that there’s a Starbucks on every corner, here in Manhattan?

The second feeling was confusion: are they buying them because water is selling well at Starbucks and they want more control of that? Or is it because they want to increase their charity portfolio? And the third was simple distaste: I bet they want to look good to the press and to the public, announcing a donation of a million dollars. Don’t they have any decency?

How unfair such gut reactions and nagging questions are. It is unfortunate how muddy the waters have gotten; every move a corporation makes being analyzed to death. Maybe Starbucks wanted more profit on bottled water; maybe they wanted to support charitable actions. Probably, they wanted both at the same time. Perhaps we should all take a step back and try to be objective. It would be a nice change, don’t you think?